What makes you happy?

I went camping in Malibu.

For me camping is what takes me to my happy place.

Being outside, well, it just heals me.  I know this works for me and yet, this year I went camping once – this past weekend.

How ridiculous is that?

I have done some Airbnb trips, but for me it’s not the same. I like adjusting and celebrating what nature brings to the table.

In Malibu it” was wind, the sound of crashing waves and some heat during the day.

The second night my sister said, “What is that?” As she pointed to the bottom of the picnic table legs. I already knew. I didn’t know what kind until she shined her headlight (which is so bright  i’m sure it can be seen from space) down – Brown Widows. A relatively new addition to Southern California. The Brown Widow

Happy Sunset Malibu

Sun beginning its journey West.

is a little shyer than the Black Widow.

I sat in my camping chair and watched as everyone, but me, got involved in trying to rid the table from the poisonous spiders. I didn’t intervene and the problem was solved, but games at the picnic table didn’t happen because people were freaked out.

Instead we talked. About all kinds of things. Including my brothers that have passed away. And for the first time we talked about my brother Hugh and Jimmy with no tears. The memories were quirky, humorous and funny. What a great trip!