Do you want to change? I give you permission.

I had a woman come in the store last week almost in tears. She said she didn’t want to do Thanksgiving this year.

I said, “I give you permission to not do Thanksgiving this year.”

She looked at me surprised.

I said, “Is that what you need – permission? – Well I am giving you permission to just say: “I will not be doing Thanksgiving this year, perhaps we can find another way to celebrate.”

She told me she hosted 34 people and she is tired. I felt exhausted just thinking of the logistics of prepping, cooking, cleaning and decorating for 34 people. I mean WOW! And she doesn’t get help…even though she has asked for it.

I also feel that we set ourselves up for certain things, but as the past few years  have shown me…we can all change.

We can change ourselves by saying I don’t want to do this, feel this, be this way any more.

Do you need permission?  I am giving you permission.  Change!

Change can bring in unexpected abundance and a fresh way to look at the world around us.

Horn of Plenty

Some people will celebrate the changes with you, some will want you to go back to the way you were and some will move out of your orbit – leaving room for new people to come in.

Only you can know what will work for you and sometimes if it doesn’t work for you – you will need to make more changes or adjustments. This year for Thanksgiving we will be dealing with my vegan nephew. For us it means new recipes and a commitment to honor everyone at the table.  I can’t wait to try some of the new recipes.

I like changing, it keeps me on my toes. Have a safe, blessed Thanksgiving this year and by all means if a change is in order….I give you permission.