Kali, or the dark goddess, is the fearful and ferocious form of the mother goddess Durga. She is depicted as having born from the brow of Goddess Durga during one of her battles with the evil forces. Kali is represented with perhaps the fiercest features among all the world’s deities. Her tongue protrudes from her mouth, her eyes are red, and her face and breasts are sullied with blood. She stands with one foot on the thigh, and another on the chest of her husband, Shiva.She destroys the ego & liberates the soul from the cycle of birth & death. “Just as all colors disappear in black, so all names and forms disappear in her”. She is beyond “false consciousness.” Kali’s garland of fifty human heads symbolizes the infinite knowledge of the sanskrit alphabet.

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2″L X 3/4″W X 2 3/4″H
5 oz.
Made of Brass
From India

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 3 x 2 x 4 in