Archangel Jeudiel is the angel of work, encouragement, strength and wisdom


Also known as Saint Jegudiel the Archangel also Jhudiel or Jehudiel

Archangel Jehudiel  is the divine angel of work. He brings encouragement, strength and wisdom. Jehudiel helps you to find the career that suits you the best. He helps you in your job search as well as guiding you to the job that will be spiritually and emotionally rewarding. He is also helpful in maintaining your current job. He fills you with gratitude and creativity at your workplace.

Archangel Jehudiel brings wisdom and creativity. He helps you to solve problems and difficult situations at work. Archangel Jehudiel help to keep you on the straight and narrow. He helps in the area of honor and integrity and making ethical decisions and passing tests interviews for promotions at work. Jehudiel guides you to a place where you can volunteer and grow spiritually. The best way to grow spiritually is to help others. Jehudel protects and guides us to be the best that we can be. .

Archangel Jehudiel in Sacred Texts

In The Bible Tobit 12:15, Archangel Jehudiel is one of the seven Archangels. Archangel Raphael describes Jehudiel and the others as the angels “Ever ready to enter the presence of the glory of The Lord”. This part of the bible describes the roles of the seven archangels and their duties. They express gratitude for every blessing of God. And they honor him through their own work. He doesn’t appear in other sacred texts. But he is the saint of work in the Catholic and Orthodox churches. He also appears in Astrology as the ruler of the movement of every planet.

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