Z-FabriqueA metaphysical gift shop in Long Beach, CA.

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Z Fabrique

Z Fabrique believes that everything you own should have a purpose.

We empower our customers to create a happier life for themselves which makes our community a better place to live and builds a brighter world for us all.


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From candles and incense to gemstones and crystals, our online store has all the metaphysical products you could ever want.

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ZFabrique hosts a range of events including Reiki and pendulum classes, tarot and angel readings, meditation and mantra chanting session, and more.

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Nestled in a Belmont Shore side street, Z Fabrique’s store features a selection of metaphysical home goods and our signature helpful customer service.

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Explore our blog for metaphysical insight, current astrological information, details on our favorite crystals and gemstones, recipes and more!

Are you living the life you want?

Something finally shifted. What heavy oppressive energy we had the past few weeks.  Moving into Fall can be difficult. I...

Happy in Malibu

What makes you happy?

I went camping in Malibu. For me camping is what takes me to my happy place. Being outside, well, it...

Changing Traditions can be difficult.

Do you want to change? I give you permission.

I had a woman come in the store last week almost in tears. She said she didn’t want to do...

Halite or Trona Mineral

Hanksite Crystal – Stone of Clarity and Truth

Hanksite Stone of Clarity and Truth Properties:  Hanksite can help access information from the ancients. Move between dimensions and utilize...

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