Orchid Calcite – Stone of Promise

Orchid Calcite is known as the stone of Promise.

It’s used as an aid to restore flow & manifestation. For me it feels soft an gentle. You just want to hold it in your hand and rub it.

It is known as a birthing stone because it brings an idea or thought into manifestation.

It brings joy & happiness in your life. You move into a space of honor and integrity, an idealistic nature.

Orange Calcite bring in the faith and hope of a better future.. It is used to give a gentle boost to psychic abilities and intuition.

Calcite of all kinds amplifies energies and orchid calcite is thought to be helpful for chronic fatigue. It is also helpful for balancing sexual energies.

Aid: Overall Reproductive Aid for Men and Women on all Levels.

It is associated with the second or sacral chakra and root chakra.

Let me know if you would like me to send Reiki.  Just send me your name. May you be blessed with Love, Light Laughter and joy!  Nancy

Sources for my information:

I have been interacting with crystals since I was a kid. A lot of information comes from experimenting with the stones.

My first Book about Crystals goes back to the 1980’s. It was: “The Crystal Handbook” by Kevin Sullivan (I still have my original copy…yellowed pages and well-loved. I think you can find this used.)

My Second Book about crystals is: “Love is in the Earth” by Melody (We carry all of her books at the store.)

My favorite picture book is: “The Crystal Bible” by Judy Hall (We carry I, 2 and 3 at the store.)

I also love the internet. You can find great information about the crystals online. I like different sites for different reasons.

Also, you should start to keep your own notebook on how your gems and crystals work for you.

Remember Crystals are not to replace your health care professionals. I believe they should be used in conjunction with your regimen to contribute to your overall wellness.

Orange and Black Stone

Orchid Calcite