You are living in a great time.

You are part of something remarkable going on right now! The Piscean Era is on it’s way out and we are ushering in the Age of Aquarius. What does that mean to you? Change! And what happens when we have change? Fear!

We are moving through these changes so quickly that if you turn in a complete circle, something new has been introduced and you are expected to assimilate it.

We all move at different speeds and take different routes, yet eventually we can meet at the same place. That is where the world is right now- moving along slow and fast, down this road and maybe stopping for a break – then moving in a different direction.

One way isn’t necessarily better than another, it is just extremely hard if you are already there, waiting for everyone to arrive. Don’t wait. Accept what you know and be gracious about others that are taking the long way around.

Sometimes I feel like pulling out my hair and yelling…”Here…it’s a map…with complete instructions, pictures, diagrams, graphs and lots of back-up information. Just follow it and you will get there fast, safe and sound.

But then I remember my brother Jimmy. My Mom said, “Don’t play with fire. It’s hot and you could get burned.” I thought…Yea…OK…my Mom wouldn’t give me bad advice. She loves me. My brother, on the other hand, had to light the stove, burn himself (not bad) to figure it out. Go figure!

We all will get there! Every once and a while it just takes a different route and a little understanding and love.