Fall in Big Bear

New Moon Energy in Pisces.  It is all about the healing on any level you need it. Perhaps it’s physical, or mental and spiritual is where I feel a need for a little more care. That is why the trip to Big Bear last week. It was a really good trip.

The place really started to hop on the weekend, but mid-week was quieter and easier. What I mean by easier is that drivers weren’t as stressed, restaurants were peaceful and the stores were light and easy. It wasn’t that the weekend was “Bad,” just very different. Horns were honking in downtown Big Bear, drivers were speeding and the restaurants were packed with lots of people in a hurry to eat and get somewhere else. But the energy was zippy, fun and crazy-just different.

Learning how to chill from our dogs.

Big Bear Lake

And then something started to happen as the afternoon wore on dogs were introduced into the group. Big Bear is crazy dog-friendly! Huskies, dachshunds, terriers and more huskies started to appear with their owners and the energy changed. People slowed down and became aware of the dogs, they stopped, talked to strangers, bent down and gave a pat or pet, they smiled, commiserated and walked away still smiling. Dogs are so simple (sort of,) but my point is that a dog will go to get a touch or a rubbie when he needs it. He will ask for nurturing. He will play when he wants to play, slurp water when thirsty and drop down when tired. We forget to take time for our own needs. Take that time this week. When you are well, all those in your “universe” can breath easier and you will too!