Do you need that, just want that or does it transport you?

Most of you have heard me talk someone out of buying something or maybe it was you.

So what’s up with a shop owner…saying don’t shop!  I was in a business meeting and said, “Sometimes I will tell people not to get something.” I could tell he was surprised that I do that.
I do have a good reason for doing that.  I have a list in my head when buying stuff. I want you to have a list too.

First off:

Is it a necessity? Yeah, I consider Toilet Paper a necessity. I’ve been in a few countries that didn’t have it – I’m Lovin’ my TP!  Definitely required.
So a necessity is Food, Clothing, Shelter, Health Care (Probably a car in L.A.) You get the idea.

2nd off:

Goods that enrich your life. Is it a pair of earrings that give you confidence, a comforter a loved one made you, a picture on a wall that transports you.

You get the idea. First is needed items. Second is wanted items.

Sometimes they can change. For instance…if you have a Buddha and every time you look at it you feel peace, your shoulders drop and you take a deep breath, that Buddha moves under the Needs list because it is actually helping your health.

I want all the items you have on you, in your house, garden or car to have a purpose or a need.

I have a picture in my bathroom that some of the students at Humboldt State University gave me when I was a dorm resident adviser. (It is from the 1980’s) It is a stream with redwoods surrounding it. Every time I see it, I think of being out in the tallest trees, with moss covered rocks, gurgling creeks, fairies, elves, surprises around every tree and the smell of life all around me.
Have a week filled with joy, wonder and blessings! Nancy