A Customer complained about me being Happy.

I had a customer complain about me always being happy.

She came in and asked, ” Is the Sandalwood Incense in today?”

“Not yet,”  I replied, “I had to order it from my supplier in Florida. I couldn’t find stock in California.”

She leaned over the counter and railed, “You’re so happy…always so happy…I don’t get it.”

I said, “Thank you.”

She stepped back deflated. “I will be back next week.” Under her breath she said, “I don’t understand why you are so happy.”

I almost had barked out a brutal laugh.  I wanted to tell her my brother had died last month and I hurt.  I wanted to scream some days and crawl into a ball and cry on other days.

But this woman was in pain, her aura was a grayish-yellow with brown that surrounded her entire body.  (Normally, I turn off that part of my brain because I think it’s rude to peek in, unless I’m doing a healing session and ask permission.)  I didn’t want to hurt her.  She already hurt.

But to the rest of the planet, “Happiness is a choice. I choose to be happy.”

Do you notice when people aren’t happy they blame everyone else for their unhappiness and keep saying, “If I go on vacation, I will be happy. If I get a new job – I will be happy, If I win 20 million dollars – I will be happy. Happiness is not around the next corner. And let’s be clear, if you win a 20 million dollars, you will just be a wealthier unhappy person.

I try to tell everyone happiness is a choice and you will find it only inside yourself. Happiness is not out there waiting to be found. It is like a 3-way-bulb inside you.  Just choose the brightest setting and shine until that is all you know how to do.

Happiness is in dog kisses!

Happiness is cat rubs and bumps!

Happiness is in a good cup of tea or coffee!

Happiness is in kind, smiling interactions with people all day long.

Happiness is a song that brings back good memories.

Happiness is in a deep breath, a blue sky, a stormy sky, a friend calling or texting, bare feet, warm socks, a shower, a bath, air-conditioning, the heater, a candle, a light, the sunrise, the sunset, a prayer, food, children laughing and playing, flowers blooming, fall leaves, the beach,crashing waves…

Happiness is a choice…Make the right choice!

(If you can’t seem to find your happy- get some help-a therapist-someone at church or a good friend.  If unhappiness has become a way of life – stop blaming the world and make an appointment with a therapist as soon as you can. That way you can embark on your journey to happiness as soon as possible.)