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I do not think that “stuff” should rule our lives, but that it should help us establish our sanctuary, our sacred spaces where we can find peace from the rushed, chaotic world we reside in. - Found, Nancy Scott

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Intuition-Listening to your inner voice

My Guardian Angel My Brother James

My Guardian Angel
My Brother James

I was traveling down Redondo Blvd. from the Long Beach Airport, heading in to Belmont shore, when I hit a red light at Anaheim.  I stopped no one was in front of me  and I start remembering this time when my brother, 16 years old, was  driving us to the Mall (You didn’t have to have a parent with you back then)  We were waiting for the light to turn green so we could turn left onto Carson Street and when the light turned green my brother said, “You have to wait 4 seconds before pulling out after the light turns green.” We were all telling him to quit being an ass when all of a sudden this truck comes barreling through the light, right where we would have been. Had he pulled out we most likely all would have been killed (no airbags back then.)  So why does this random story pop up now.

The light turns green and I don’t go. The white truck next to me starts to pull out and then looks at me and he stops. The guy behind him honks, and then a truck comes barreling through the intersection and runs “the very red light.”  If we would have gone when the light turned green, we would have been hit.  Both my brothers and one sister are dead, maybe they are guardian angels, so when your inner voice speaks it’s probably best you listen.

I know that when I think of this story while driving; I will make sure the intersection is clear before moving forward.

Joshua Tree in the Fall


I needed this trip. Joshua Tree in the fall with friends and family. The first night was windy, but we were tucked down in at the site we had in Indian Cove Campground. It was my first time at this site. I usually go into the park and land at Jumbo Rocks, a First Come First Serve campground. Even with the wind racing through the park and grit in my eyes, I had a wonderful time. My friends were at another site down the way that they named Howler’s Knob. Jennifer and Wayne’s tent broke, but he McGuyvered it into an upright position. The night sky was spectacular with fireballs coming from all directions at different times throughout the night. The Milky Way was stunning! I could see people night rock climbing and they were having fun and that was just the first night!Joshua-Tree-Tent-2015

Wealth and Wisdom Buddha

Wealth and Wisdom  Buddha

Wealth and Wisdom

(Buddha of the future)
His large protruding stomach and jolly smile have given him the common designation “Laughing Buddha.” The Laughing Buddha’s image graces many temples, restaurants and homes He has become a deity of contentment and abundance. The Buddha will be shown with different items. The Buddha holding a wealth ball or pearl in one hand & a wealth pot in the other hand will have access to the most valuable treasure of all, wisdom & combined with wealth they could share their gifts with the world.