Humidity you’re drivin’ me CRaZy

Growing up in So. Cal., I remember the most awesome, fearsome hot dry days of late summer and early Fall. Now I get to park my car in the Belmont Shore, parking lot three blocks from the beach,  walk the short distance to my store and as I go to unlock the door, have the key almost slide out of my hand because I’m wet…well actually slimy.  I can almost feel the fungus trying to attach itself to my skin. Because, I’m moving so much slower, I think it will be able to catch me soon too. Yesterday, someone said we should be grateful for the humidity because it helps the skin look dewy and fresh.

Let me be the woman with the skin that rivals the Sahara for dry cracks, ruts and roughness I say. Loudly. This is crazy. When I was in Belize, it was No, Nope, No way could I live here. The humidity sucks the life out of you. Being on vacation it’s not so bad, but when you have to work in it with no air conditioning it’s just CRaZy.

Archangel Raphael

The Healer

The Healer

When people come into the store and ask about items for healing, I like to bring up Archangel Raphael. He is referred to in Judaism, Catholicism and Islam. When I find a historical reference spanning so many cultures & countries it lends itself more credence to me.  I like to combine Archangel Raphael  with an amethyst crystal which is known as an overall healer.

The Hebrew word rapha translates to “doctor” or “healer”.  Raphael is a known as a powerful healer & assists with all forms of healing – humans & animals.  He helps to rapidly heal body, mind & spirit if called upon, as in the biblical story of Abraham and the pain he felt after being circumcised as an adult.  (I can’t begin to imagine the pain of circumcision as an adult in a time when they couldn’t knock you out with drugs. Woo Hoo for some forms of Western Medicine.)

You may call upon Raphael on behalf of someone else, but he can’t interfere with that person’s free will.  If they refuse spiritual treatment, it can’t be forced.  Call upon Raphael when you are traveling, to assure safe travel.  In addition, he assures that all your transportation, lodging and luggage details go miraculously well.  Raphael also helps with inward spiritual journeys, assisting in searches for truth and guidance.  Other areas Raphael helps with is finding lost pets, reducing and eliminating addictions and cravings, clairvoyance, bringing unity to your life and if you feel out of touch with your spirituality, if you’ve lost a love & your soul/body doesn’t feel “whole”.


What are you saving it for?

It’s like 98 degrees outside and I’m inside going through one of the attics, which runs 1/2 way across the two story behemoth, I reside in. It contains 4 attics and then some. Why am I keeping stuff I don’t have out right now. I mean…what…Am I waiting for a different life…kinda means I’m not living in the life I’m in…perhaps a reminder that I’ve failed in this life, at this time. I would like everyone to look around…If anything is being saved for the future…maybe it’s time to move it on to someone that can use it in this life…like right now.

Do you have clothes from your “Skinny Days,” that you are trying to “Fit into?” Stop…get rid of them. All it does is remind you that you have failed right now. If you lose weight you deserve new clothes and If you don’t lose weight…choose to love the life you have made for yourself.

Put stuff up on the walls…what are you waiting for…make your home your sanctuary. Live in this moment…right here…right now.  I am going to give it a try. To be continued…

Blood Moon


The moon sent a lure out last night, technically speaking early this morning, but I kind of think the next day starts when the sun shows it’s face in the east. Anyway at about 12:15 AM I got the urge to go out and view the eclipse. I slowly got up feeling my heart racing , feeling spry, as I made my way downstairs leaving my warm bed. I made a stop at the bathroom, my bladder screaming at me, before I continued on my way . As I hit the wood floor, at the bottom of the stairs ,my “Bunionator,” the gizmo I where on my left foot to alleviate the bunion there made a tap tappa tap  noise as I hobbled along. In my excitement it had escaped my notice that I still had the contraption on.  You aren’t supposed to walk in it. I unlocked the door, remembering to make sure it stayed unlocked as the quiet night beckoned. I had to go out into the driveway to see the moon. There she was way up in the sky still covered with a  reddish-brown glow, wispy clouds played at the edges of her but never quite covered up her glory. I leaned against the Soul, my Dad’s Kia Soul that is, and took a moment to breath in the night air and bask in the beauty of this glorious moon, thankful that I am still able to find such glory and wonder in the night sky and be in awe. Looking up at that moon I felt something shift, like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.  I went back inside my “bunionator” tap tapa tapping on the concrete looking forward to October 8th and the next Blood Moon.

Rose Quartz

A stone of Love

       A stone of Love

Rose Quartz is one of my favorite stones. It is the stone of Universal, Unconditional Love…love yourself, Find Love & Give Love.  IT IS ABOUT SELF LOVE. When you love yourself others can easily love you. Gently forces self-love Purifies & opens the heart & Crown Chakra. Heals Emotional Wounds. Good for Trauma or crisis and all matters dealing with the heart.. Release childhood trauma. Help bring emotional stability. Unconditional love heals all.

Aid: Heart Issues. Wrinkles, Skin, Burns & Vertigo.

Sign  :Taurus & Libra

Vibrates to:  7

If you are interested in learning more about stones. I recommend the following books:

  • Love Is in the Earth
  • The Crystal Bible

(We carry most of them in stock)



The triquetra is a Celtic knot with a triangular design symbolizing all trinities including the Triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother & Crone); the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth, and the realms of Air, Earth and Sea which, to the ancient Celts, represented the entire Universe. To Christians, the triquetra has been used to symbolize the Holy Trinity (Father, Son & Holy Ghost) In fact, many cultures and religions have considered the number three to be holy or divine for thousands of years.  A symbol of three interlocking circles looking somewhat like a three-leaf clover without out a stem has been found on religious statues in India that were made 5000 years ago.

Change the world

The next time someone screams at you or makes you angry- Stop, step back and let it go. Do not let them take your power away. Remember the angriest people need more hugs…not less.

Sweetgrass Braid


Our Sweetgrass is harvested in Central California by a gentle group of souls who understand that we must nurture Mother Earth. Burn sweetgrass after the sage or cedar has driven out the bad influences. Sweetgrass brings in the good spirits and the good influences. As with cedar, burn sweetgrass while praying sends prayers up to the Creator in the smoke. High Hollow Horn says, in the The Sacred Pipe, “This smoke from the sweetgrass will rise up to you, and will spread throughout the universe. Its fragrance will be known by the wingeds, the four-leggeds, and the two leggeds, for we understand that we are all relatives; may all our brothers be tame and not fear us!”   I also was taught to put sweetgrass at above the front door or next to it to keep only the sweet inside the house. Always remember to give thanks for all the wonderful bounty this incredible planet provides.


One of the best methods to increase our faith in the Buddhas and to receive their blessings is to gaze at an image of a Buddha again and again, regarding it as an actual Buddha who is supremely kind to all living beings.

When we see a Buddha statue, for example, instead of thinking of it as an object made of metal or stone, or focusing on its artistic faults or merits, we should feel that we are in the presence of a real living Buddha and develop deep faith.

By viewing images of Buddhas in this way, it is as if we are opening a window in our mind through which the blessings of the holy beings can enter.

This special way of viewing Buddha images is based on wisdom, not ignorance, and serves to increase our faith and receive blessings. The representations of Buddhas’ body, speech, and mind are so blessed that, even if we have no faith, just seeing them blesses our mind.