Z-FabriqueA metaphysical gift shop in Long Beach, CA.

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At Z Fabrique, we offer goods that will make you feel better on your journey through life. “Stuff” should not rule our lives, but help us establish our sanctuary, our sacred spaces where we can find peace from the rushed, chaotic world we reside in.


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From candles and incense to gemstones and crystals, our online store has all the metaphysical products you could ever want.

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ZFabrique hosts a range of events including Reiki and pendulum classes, tarot and angel readings, meditation and mantra chanting session, and more.

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Nestled in a Belmont Shore side street, Z Fabrique’s store features a selection of metaphysical home goods and our signature helpful customer service.

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Explore our blog for metaphysical insight, current astrological information, details on our favorite crystals and gemstones, recipes and more!
I’m a card carrying Minister

I’m a card carrying Minister

Dia de los Muertos Piano Player

Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos

Years ago Carla Ortega and I started the Day of the Dead Celebration in San Pedro, California. I love this...

Spectrolite or Labradorite

Labradorite or Spectrolite is the Intuition Stone

Labradorite is one of the very first stones I owned. I loved the flash of color & feeling that it held...

Carnelian or Sard

Carnelian is a great stone when you need a break

This Carnelian Heart comes from Madagascar. I love the tiny pockets and holes on this beauty. Carnelian is so bright...

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